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  • Clean tight, hard-to-reach areas that cannot normally be reached by using conventional tools or by hand.

  • VINYL coated so they don't scratch.

Pimp Stixx in action Pimp Stixxx in action Pimp Stixxx in action
Pimp Stixxx in action!

This is truly a 'component system'. You can connect all the pieces together for lengths up to 24” of handle plus the desired cleaning head. You can put cleaning heads on both sides to be used like a 'Dental too', flipping back and forth between either cleaning head.

'It's the only way I've found to clean some of those impossible to reach spots like wheel hubs. The kit also works great for detailing a car engine. If you're a real cleaning fanatic or if you're getting that Kustom Kruiser ready for the next show, this kit's for you.'

Rick K. for webBikeWorld